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Cross Canada Data Consultants is the Data Processing and Information Technology Consulting arm of Wormald Masse Keen Lopinski LLP Chartered Professional Accountants.

Based in St. Catharines, Ontario we primarily provide accounting data processing services, payroll services and various other computer services to clients all across Canada.


Accounting Services

Data Processing Services
At CCDC, we will set up and process your monthly accounting forms using Sage 300 (ACCPAC) accounting software and simple to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The simple to use pre-coded input sheets, along with our own BDO Cheque writing program makes month end accounting efficient and easy to learn.

In-House Accounting Software Training At CCDC, we have assisted many of our clients in the conversion of their manual accounting systems to computerized systems, enabling them to process their own accounting information. We are experienced in the installation and training for Sage 300 (ACCPAC) accounting software.

We also support and have a working knowledge of the following accounting and business software:

  • Excel
  • Word
  • Sage 50
  • QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online
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Other Services

Virtualization allows us to maximize the investment you make in hardware. What once required 2, 3 or 4 servers can now efficiently be done on one. Converting your network to a virtual environment provides us with many options that were not previously possible for small companies.

Disaster Recovery
How quickly could your business be up and running after a disaster? Backing up your data off site is important, but only begins to scratch the surface of a full recovery of your business. Virtualization provides us with many affordable options to develop an effective disaster recovery plan for your business.

Remote Networking
Everyone wants access to their email and key files from locations outside of the office. We implement hardware and software Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to provide secure remote connectivity solutions that are easy to use.

Network Security
Access to your information should be instantaneous but also controlled, to keep prying eyes, both within and outside your organization, from viewing sensitive data. We use the industry's leading firewall and directory services to enforce network security on computer networks.

CCDC offers professional data cabling, phone cabling, and CCTV cabling. Cabling is the foundation of any network and needs to be installed correctly to guarantee your network runs at maximum speed. Our certified cable technicians can test your existing cabling to ensure you are seeing peak performance from your network. When our testing is complete, a copy of our test results will be provided.

Wireless Networking
Need to connect roaming laptops? We keep abreast of changes in the market place as this technology matures. We have deployed a number of Wi-Fi solutions for customers. One of the key considerations of wireless networking is security, and we have solutions to address this.

Voice Over IP Phone systems
Imagine opening Microsoft Outlook every morning and receiving all your emails, faxes, and voice mails at one time through a unified messaging system!
You may have heard of Voice over IP, but maybe you're wondering exactly what this new technology is? And most importantly, what it could mean for your business?
Simply put, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides the ability to combine all voice and data communications into one simplified network. Increased productivity, cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction are benefits you can gain from using VoIP systems. As the telephone remains a lifeline for businesses, this robust application is a viable alternative to traditional phone systems.

Employee Software Training
How do I use the new server?
Where do I put my files?
How do I connect to our new printer?
How do I use our anti-virus software?
How are my files backed up?
How do I ... ?

CCDC will provide answers to all of these questions and many more. We will provide your users and employees a comprehensive training presentation. We believe in educating our clients to use their network to the fullest extent. Having the best in technology is worthless if no one uses it. If your employees do not understand what it is used for or how it helps them, the technology will go unused.

Our training presentation will instruct your employees on the proper authorized use of your network. It will also define network and computer policies for your company's protection and use.

We can also customize a training session for your staff to train them in today's most popular software. Please call us for pricing.

Security Cameras
IP based security cameras connect to your network just like a computer does. Once installed, these cameras can be remotely accessed to view either live or recorded data. There are many different models of cameras to meet just about any need you may have.


Network Support

CCDC is a full service IT solutions provider specializing in computer network installation catering to both small and medium sized businesses. We have the ability to effectively integrate strategic corporate networking with unparalleled service. Our comprehensive package includes the following services - consulting, customized computer network installation and maintenance.

We are a client-focused business and we strive to deliver the most convenient and reliable computer network solutions possible. We are an Authorized Dell Reseller and we also work closely with Microsoft, and other technology leaders to remain current on industry standards. We have a long list of satisfied customers and a strong reputation as a leader in computer network support. CCDC delivers technical expertise with a personal touch.

CCDC offers remote computer support that lets our team of technicians access your computer or server via any Internet connection as if we were sitting in front of it. It allows certified technicians to access your files, view your screen, and take control of the remote computer's keyboard and mouse to solve problems (with your permission, of course). This helps provide faster service so your staff can be more productive. We go further to ensure your support request is both pleasant and productive by ensuring that your support issues are resolved quickly and in the most cost effective manner.

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Our Philosophy

Information technology changes daily. CCDC will keep your network up to date. No matter how large or small your network is, CCDC can examine your infrastructure and assist you in choosing a solution that best meets your business needs. We will ensure that your computer network runs efficiently. A smooth running network increases productivity, and allows you more time to concentrate on your business.

Whether you have one location or fifteen, rest assured that your network will be configured and customized to meet your needs. CCDC is a leader in computer network installation. Our staff works around the clock to ensure you experience the least amount of downtime.

Our goal is to help your business operate more efficiently while building long lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that technology should work for you. CCDC can be engaged on a monthly retainer to provide on-going support services. Our staff possess a vast array of experience in all aspects of computer support.

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