Taxation Services

Comprehensive Taxation Services

At WMKL, our goal is to provide you and your business comprehensive tax planning advice to minimize your income tax burden and maximize your after-tax retention of profits.

Our tax professionals are experienced in all areas of personal and corporate taxation. We are equipped to handle your tax planning from the initial start-up of your business through to your retirement and the sale or transfer of your business.

The following are some specific services we offer to our corporate and personal tax clients:

  • preparation of personal income tax returns, corporate income tax returns and Estate and Trust income tax returns.
  • personal and corporate tax planning
  • estate and succession planning
  • retirement and will planning
  • tax shelter analysis
  • life insurance and disability insurance analysis and assessment
  • tax dispute resolution
  • T4’s, T5’s, EHT, WSIB, PST, HST and GST registration and reporting

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